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Preserving Biodiversity

Coastal Resilience and the Role of Nature-based Solutions

Climate change and infrastructure development are undeniably adding to the degradation of coastal ecosystems such as mangroves and coral reefs, thus increasing the exposure of coastal communities to sea level rise, flooding, erosion and more. In a recent Expert series webinar, the AXA Research Fund, AXA XL and AXA IM brought together leading academic, government and industry experts to discuss the challenges of coastal risk and the opportunities to accelerate investment in ecosystems for coastal protection.

Leader Insights

Antimo Peretta, CEO of AXA Europe and Latin America

Why COVID-driven tech advancements may lead to better health care for women

Reckoning with the impacts of the pandemic – and the inequity it underscored within society – is still ahead of us. But if we handle the next stage of health care digitalization right, we will be able to point to one positive result: a health system more attuned to women’s needs.

Focus: Cyber Risk

AI & Cyber Resilience

Cyber Risk

While cyberspace provides major opportunities for innovation, economic progress, and access to information, it also entails new vulnerabilities. The pandemic accelerated the digitalization of nearly all economic activities leading to heightened cyber risks, from cyber attacks by private criminal organizations to acts of cyber war by nation states. The AXA perspectives below, pulled from the 2021 AXA Future Risks Report and the upcoming AXA Research Fund report on Bulding Cyber Resilience, highlight these risks and their potential impacts.

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