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Fostering a more Inclusive Society

Gender equality and the challenges ahead: From she-cession to she-recovery

The Covid-19 crisis has crippled female-dominated sectors, causing a “she-cession” that poses additional challenges to gender equality. During a conference held on 7 March 2022, following a presentation of research insights from Italy, Spain, the UK, and the US, industry leaders and policymakers discussed the steps needed and initiatives implemented for a “she-recovery”. The event was organized within the framework of the AXA-Bocconi Research Lab on Gender Equality and was supported by AXA Italy and the AXA Research Fund.

Focus: The Metaverse

Building Cyber and AI Capabilities

The Metaverse

From playing computer games set in virtual worlds, to building a digital model of a water treatment plant and using augmented reality to identify problems, the metaverse is truly changing the way we live and work. What investment opportunities does it present? What could be the role of insurance? What are the wider implications and how do the various approaches to the metaverse fit into the broader debates on the governance of digital spaces? The collection of perspectives below explores these questions.

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Chris Iggo, AXA IM Chief Investment Officer, Core Investments

The impact of war in Ukraine should power the push for net zero

Released mere months after COP26 concluded, the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) makes for a sobering read. The analysis is a timely reminder of the urgency behind the push to net zero, at a time when first the coronavirus pandemic, and now the Ukraine crisis, have upended geopolitical and monetary policy priorities.

ProgressLand: The 2022 AXA Foresight Report

AXA Foresight Report

Progress Land

The word “progress” usually suggests a move forward, and towards something better. Nonetheless, numerous controversies have prompted debates on its definition and on the best indicators to assess it. Now in its fourth edition, the AXA Foresight Report explores the different dimensions of Progress to best adapt and assess future challenges and opportunities. The selection of articles below reflect on the notion of progress and how the post-pandemic world could be shaped.

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