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Financial and Economic Risk

Webinar: Rational Policymaking in Times of Uncertainty

Policymaking during two simultaneous crises such as the COVID 19 pandemic and climate change can be extremely challenging. In both crises, global impacts are unprecedented, and decisions are taken in a highly uncertain, complex and rapidly changing environments. In such a context, in which human lives, the environment and the economy are at stake, using ideas and constructs from modern decision theory can make policymaking a more responsible and transparent process.

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Data in Health

Harnessing digital to enhance self-care in a post pandemic world

Claudio Gienal, CEO of AXA UK & Ireland is committed to increasing accessibility to quality and affordable healthcare and wellbeing support and is passionate about the opportunity to reclaim individual responsibility for making better healthcare choices. Here he shares insights into key trends impacting healthcare in the wake of COVID-19.

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