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Digitalization in Insurance

Insurance distribution: Why the future is phygital

Our vision at AXA is clear. We recognize that today, each customer is the decision maker in their own customer journey, shaping their experience in real-time, free from any physical or time constraints. For their convenience and satisfaction, all channels should be available and designed with the customer in mind. When it comes to agents and brokers, we’ve considered what the future might look like, and we’re convinced that phygital (physical + digital) distribution is the best way forward.

Roundtable: Climate Risk

Combatting Climate Change

Climate Risk

The worldwide trend of governments, businesses and other large organisations pledging net-zero carbon emissions to combat climate change is a worthy one. Faced with weather extremes such as recent heatwaves in Europe, India and Pakistan, more are recognising the existential risk posed by global warming. When it comes to mitigating climate risk, prevention remains the key lever to increase society’s climate resilience and adaptation. But how should governments and businesses work together? What can insurers do to lead by example? And what should we expect when climate risk remains underrated? The collection of perspectives below explores these questions in depth.

Leader Insights

Antimo Perretta, CEO of AXA in Europe and Latin America

The 2021 Floods in Europe: One Year Later

As the one-year marker of the European floodings of last summer approaches, my team and I have been reflecting on the enormous toll and scale of the catastrophe. How did we respond in face of these devastating events, what has been accomplished so far, and what can we learn from disasters?

Focus: Geopolitics

Understanding Financial and Economic Risk


Geopolitics, energy security, the robustness of global supply chains and climate change have become inextricably linked in recent years. Following the onset of the global pandemic, shortages and soaring shipping costs along with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have accelerated inflation and economic instability. Geopolitical and environmental tensions have contributed to the need for companies to focus on shortened supply chains and reduced carbon footprints and for governments to adjust their monetary policies. Will these pressures linger? Will they hamper or help economic recovery and the energy transition? What does all this mean for insurers? The collection of perspectives below explores these questions in depth.

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