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Preparing for Natural Catastrophes

Wild Fires Master Class

Wildfire is one of the most poorly understood “players” in our Earth system. While not all fire is bad, there is a rapid increase in devastating wildfires worldwide. AXA Chair in Wildfires and Climate at the Technical University of Crete, Dr. Apostolos Voulgarakis explains how fires could shape our climate with an emphasis on boreal and Arctic regions, where wildfires may have the ability to drastically impact Earth’s climate in the decades to come.

Leader Insights

Gordon Watson, CEO of AXA Asia and Africa

What can insurers learn from football’s revolution in data analytics? A look at Liverpool FC’s practices

By embracing data collection and analytics, insurers have the possibility to create innovative products for their customers, mitigate risk and improve their own bottom-line performance.

Building Societal Resilience

The Role of Insurance Industry in Promoting Inclusion

The AXA Research Fund's latest publication "Building Societal Resilience" explores how insurers can play a role in social inclusion, from providing coverage to emerging markets to addressing protection gaps. Insurers are uniquely positioned to support inclusion and resilience through the development of innovative products, digital health services, and thoughtful investment strategy. These tools not only expand access to and address financial resilience, but in the case of digital health services, contribute to improved health outcomes as well. As such, the industry has ample opportunity to widen the social safety net and reduce inequality.



The changing world of work

The pandemic has dramatically transformed the way employees now view their workplace and employers must adapt to the new normal, ensuring mental wellbeing, flexibility, fair pay and purpose are a key part of their approach. At the same time, the battle for talent has intensified, with companies across sectors seeking employees with similar skills as the world becomes increasingly digital. Company culture and employee engagement have never been more critical to attract and retain the very best in human capital. What role do CEOs play in driving this culture? What does the future of work look like? And what should the insurance industry do to manage this risk?


Combatting Climate Change

The Energy Transition

Tackling climate change will involve a gargantuan effort if the world is to reach net zero by 2050. All businesses will need to rethink their business models and adopt low carbon technologies, creating new risks and uncertainties. What are the possible roads we can travel to reach net zero? How can green hydrogen and renewable energy help us reach net zero targets? And how is AXA rising to the challenge?


Building AI Capabilities & Cyber Resilience

Responsible AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has drastically transformed the business environment and become critical to companies across a broad range of sectors – from finance to healthcare and automotive. AI is already widely used in various segments of the insurance industry, such as predicting credit and accident risks. However, the use of this technology has given rise to new ethical and legal challenges. As the use of AI in business continues to grow, responsible AI practices will be paramount. As the insurance industry is built of trust, it has a critical role to play to drive AI towards the right kind of fairness in an overarching principle to treat customers in a fair, transparent, and safe way.

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