Health & Prevention

Supported by increasing volumes of data, AXA is building on technological innovation and analyses to meet the needs of patients, doctors and care givers. AXA’s healthcare insights position the Group as a partner in understanding how to reinforce health systems, improve longevity, address mental health and strengthen data in health.

Improving Longevity

The future of genetic research

The second of three documentaries in partnership with AXA, this film focuses on the research of Dr Peter Joshi who is supported by the AXA Research Fund.

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Addressing Mental Health

The Link Between Mental Health Problems and Later Physical Health

An aging population brings multiple challenges and policymakers and healthcare professionals are faced with an urgent question: how can we reduce the burden of physical disease in older people?

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Strengthening Data in Health

Why COVID-Driven Tech Advancements May Lead to Better Health Care for Women

Reckoning with the impacts of the pandemic – and the inequity it underscored within society – is still ahead of us. But if we handle the next stage of health care digitalization right, we will be able to point to one positive result: a health system more attuned to women’s needs. 

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