Global Economy & Inclusion

Financial and geopolitical risks have a vast impact on the economy affecting everything from global supply chains to how inclusive society can be. Although the increasing use of digital technologies can enhance the way society and the economy function it also exposes us to cybersecurity threats. Understanding these risks and their evolutions can help us better anticipate them.

Fostering a more Inclusive Society

Gender equality: Challenges ahead. From She-cession to She-recovery

The Covid-19 crisis has crippled female-dominated sectors, causing a “she-cession” that poses additional challenges to gender equality. During a conference held on 7 March 2022, following a presentation of research insights from Italy, Spain, the UK, and the US, industry leaders and policymakers discussed the steps needed and initiatives implemented for a “she-recovery”. The event was organized within the framework of the AXA-Bocconi Research Lab on Gender Equality and was supported by AXA Italy and the AXA Research Fund. Video replay and conference transcript below.


13 min

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Building AI Capabilities & Cyber Resilience

All across the metaverse: What is it and what investment opportunities does it...

From playing computer games set in virtual worlds, to building a digital model of a water treatment plant and using augmented reality to identify problems, the metaverse is truly changing the way we live and work.


10 min

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