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Building Cyber Resilience

Building Cyber Resilience

PDF DocumentPDF 5.7 MbNov 25, 2021

While cyberspace provides major opportunities for innovation, economic progress and access to information, it also entails new vulnerabilities. 

The volume and variety of cyber-attacks and costs of cyber-crime damage are increasing at a surprisingly rapid pace every year. 

The 2021 AXA Future Risk Report found that experts view Cyber the #2 top risk, second only to climate change. 

In this context, better understanding and estimating cyber risks is crucial to help develop informed strategies, coupling prevention with resilience to damage. 

The latest AXA Research Fund publication brings together perspectives from academics, business and organizations on the changing dynamics of the cyber landscape, with a view towards the mitigation of the associated risks and, in doing so, protect what matters. 

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