Environmental Protection

Climate change is causing widespread damage to ecosystems and increasing the rates and intensity of natural catastrophes. AXA’s strategy to protect the environment is not only to adapt, but also to provide sustainable solutions and disseminate knowledge around current and future climate-related risks.

Promoting Sustainable Finance

Space, the Final Frontier? How Risk Management and Data Can Enable Innovation

Satellite launches into low Earth orbit are, to excuse the pun, rocketing. A dramatic reduction in the costs associated with launches, combined with an uptick in interest in exploring low Earth orbit for various reasons, means that the market for low Earth orbit satellite launches continues to grow apace. While this is exciting for innovation it increases space risks. Denis Bousquet, Global Chief Technical Officer for space insurance at AXA XL, and Julien Cantegreil, CEO of space situational awareness start-up SpaceAble, discuss how data can help us to not only better understand these risks but improve space sustainability. 


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