May 23, 2019

How telemedicine helps AXA tackle the healthcare challenge?

Guillaume Borie, CEO of AXA Next and Group Chief Innovation Officer at AXA, shares his views on telemedicine: how is this service meeting the health sector challenges, and why is it relevant for a leading global insurer.
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We are realizing that the winning models are those that combine several digital services into a 360° approach to user needs. For instance, remote access to medical advice, online appoint scheduling, teleconsultation, etc. Users should be able to access a tool no matter what their specific healthcare need and get help navigating among the various solutions they have to choose from.

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We also continue to explore different solutions and different development models across different units of AXA Next. The heart of our innovation strategy is to combine the best solution for the end user with the strongest business model. The biggest players in telemedicine were founded just ten years ago and have not yet found all the answers - we are in a market where we will win in the long run!

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