Integrated Report Team Editor
April 24, 2019

Telemedicine: universal access to healthcare

As the first private company to launch remote medical consultations for French patients, AXA is enhancing its offering in pace with regulatory and technological progress. In France, these new services have already proved successful, with high user satisfaction ratings. A good example is the AXA Partners platform, a telemedicine service accessible to 5 million beneficiaries 24/7 by phone or online through
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While remote examination techniques continue to make great strides, “teleconsultations will not replace regular follow-up with a regular doctor, but they are a great way to provide a first response to patients who are pushed for time or cannot easily access treatment,” concluded Philippe. They also offer a credible solution to the health issues encountered by many emerging countries: developing universal access to healthcare, while relieving emergency services and reducing the cost of healthcare systems.