April 29, 2021

How can we simplify and improve access to our services for our customers?

The digitalization of customer journeys has significantly accelerated since the start of the health crisis. The Group builds on rapidly changing consumer behaviour to reach two objectives: simplify and improve customer experience, while boosting productivity.
Protecting what matters
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How can we simplify your experience?

Automating insurance underwriting

To reinforce its presence on the strategic SME business market, AXA has developed “OSE”, a corporate underwriting tool that considerably speeds up and simplifies new contracts through data and automation.

Omnichannel advice

AXA agents’ ability to quickly switch to remote contacts – by phone, chat or video – during the crisis has not only confirmed the Group’s competitive advantage in this area but also customers’ appetite for omnichannel services.

One-page contracts

In Italy, AXA teams have redesigned contracts to make them easier for customers to understand. They are now limited to a single page organized in three main parts: main contract data, a glossary and a transparent summary of the guarantees.

Reinventing customer experience

Rethinking vehicle assistance

The e-Rescue mobile app for emergency vehicle assistance digitalizes the entire claims management process, from requests for assistance to vehicle repairs. Already deployed in seven European countries, the solution should further expand with other services.

Protecting companies…

AXA is developing solutions to face the threat of increasingly prevalent cyber attacks. For companies, AXA XL has formed a partnership with Accenture, a global cybersecurity expert, to help customers prepare and recover from an attack.

…and individuals

For individuals, AXA Switzerland launched a cybersecurity solution comprising four features – online accounts, cyber bullying and copyright protection, online buying, and virus removal and data recovery – with financial compensation, as well as legal and IT assistance.

Simplifying fraud detection

Sherlock is a data analysis software solution designed to automate and simplify fraud detection. The tool can help identify and extract suspicious claims, while more importantly enabling honest claims to be processed more quickly.