April 29, 2021

How can AXA meet growing global healthcare needs?

The health crisis has shown how dependent our lives, societies and economies are on access to quality healthcare systems. It has also reminded us of the need to protect our health, a valuable asset.
Protecting what matters
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What do patients need?
Listening to our customers

Ensuring continuity of care

With the Group’s local entities, AXA Emerging Customers rolled out telemedicine solutions enabling 1 million patients to access Covid-19 diagnoses and consultations free of charge in seven emerging countries.

Online psychological support

Building on the conclusions of the Group’s survey of Europeans’ mental health after the first lockdown, AXA Belgium has added a psychological support service to its Doctors Online e-health platform.

Emma: an app for insurance and treatment

Developed by AXA in Hong Kong and the Philippines, Emma is a mobile app enabling customers to manage their health insurance contracts and access care through the same interface.

Providing quality care worldwide

Orchestrator of health

In Italy, the Group has invested in Cidimu, an innovative radiology center, to integrate diagnostics into the healthcare journeys provided to customers.

Vertical integration

AXA intends to reinforce its vertical integration by creating or acquiring health centers. AXA has already opened medical centers in Colombia, Egypt and Mexico and plans to create about 50 in emerging countries by 2023.

The Digital Healthcare Platform rolled out in Europe

In partnership with Microsoft, AXA has developed a dedicated healthcare platform enabling AXA European entities to offer a single, coordinated interface for their healthcare offerings.