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May 2019

Redesigning the healthcare journey at Viva Technology

Starting time: 8:00 AM CEST

Ending time: May 18, 2019 6:00 PM CEST

Stand 50, Hall 1 Parc des Expositions de la Porte de Versailles Paris | France

New technologies are transforming the health sector. For this reason, AXA is back at Viva Technology showcasing innovations that can forever change healthcare journey for patients.

Health: a key issue for AXA

As the world’s third largest health insurer, AXA is already heavily invested in this sector. Indeed, health represents 11% of the group’s total turnover, i.e. 13 billion euros.

Meeting the health sector’s challenges fits perfectly with AXA’s “Payer to Partner” strategy. It represents an opportunity to multiply the interactions with our customers, and to provide them with innovative services: telemedicine, digital platforms, artificial intelligence…

Major innovation opportunities

Today, new technologies are reshaping the health landscape around the world: they are reinventing the patient care relationship and bringing viable solutions to current health challenges (areas without access to medical services, healthcare costs, etc.). AXA has therefore made this subject one of the priorities of its innovation ecosystem.

The healthcare sector offers huge potential for innovation and interaction with our customers, in line with our ‘payer to partner’ strategy,” said Thomas Buberl, AXA CEO.

Innovating to meet health challenges

For AXA, health innovation enables us to meet key objectives:

  • Become the leader in telemedicine

With the French government aiming for 1 million teleconsultations by 2020, there is a growing demand for telemedicine. Qare, a French startup specializing in connecting doctors and patients via video consultation, already has 60,000 users.

  • Provide everyone with simplified access to health platforms

Health platforms play a key role in our prevention strategy. The Air Doctor startup, for example, connects travelers with medical specialists when they are abroad.

  • Explore AI potential in healthcare solutions

The potential benefits of artificial intelligence are vast: to supplement the diagnosis of practitioners, to bring personalized solutions to patients ... Combining AI and human expertise makes it possible to refine the identification and treatment of pathologies. Apricity is a virtual clinic that uses AI to provide personalized support to couples who are finding it difficult to have a child.

Discover and experience at VivaTech

At VivaTech, we invite you to discover how innovation and technology will be a game changer for health through a series of experiences:

  • Experience the teleconsultation powered by AXA and ask your question to the medical team
  • Immerse yourself in the Oxford VR virtual reality experience, that enables you to discover how new technologies can support new therapies;
  • Train your mental strenght with Mentalista to help achieve your goals

Ultimately, the conference will be an opportunity to gain a wider perspective and to discuss the theme: “Creating the future of health”.

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