Finance & Strategy

Africa CEO Forum: Shaping the Future of Africa

CEO of AXA Middle East and Africa

The 5th edition of the Africa CEO Forum was organized in Geneva this week to discuss “Shaping the Future of Africa” – with a particular focus on African Women in business. AXA sponsored the event for...

Risk & Research

Happiness: An Anti-Stress Elixir for Better Health

Today is the International day of Happiness. Did you know that mental well-being and physical health are closely tied? With the support of AXA Research Fund, Dr. Sarah Pressman made it her mission to...

Earth Hour 2017: discover AXA’s transport survey

On Saturday, March 25, don’t miss out on Earth Hour! From 8:30 to 9:30 pm, those who want to raise awareness about climate change will be turning off their lights for one hour. At AXA, we are joining...

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