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Our vision, purpose and values

Act for Human Progress by protecting what matters

Why should the future be a risk?

Our world is changing. 

New risks and new vulnerabilities are emerging creating an uncertain future for each and everyone of us. In this new world of interconnected and unpredictable risks, the need for more protection becomes an even more important mission.  

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AXA Manifesto

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At AXA, we believe we are at a defining moment for our industry.   

As a world player, we have the means and the ambition to recast our role, acting for individuals, economies and society’s progress.

Now is the time to infuse our iconic brand signature “Know You Can” with an even greater sense of inclusion and ability to reinforce our collective destiny, to further express our shared optimism in the future, the belief that progress can and must benefit all.   

To do so, AXA is asking a simple yet provocative question: Why should the future be a risk?   
By reinforcing our ability to anticipate and identify risks and to push further the boundaries of insurance notably by designing new prevention services. We can help people, businesses and society regain control over the future and make life safer, fairer and more inclusive for as many people as possible. 

If life is full of risks, at AXA we believe the future shouldn’t be one of them.  


As one of the largest global insurers, our purpose is to act for human progress by protecting what matters.

Protection has always been at the core of our business, helping individuals, businesses and societies to thrive. And AXA has always been a leader, an innovator, an entrepreneurial company, fostering progress in all its dimensions. Our purpose also links back to the Group's roots. From the outset, AXA has been committed to acting as a force for collective good. From solidarity-based actions with AXA Hearts In Action to work on prevention issues with the AXA Research Fund and the fight against climate change, AXA has always been attentive to its social environment and embraced its responsibility as an insurer: responsibility for taking action upstream in order to better understand risks, with one goal in mind: to ensure better protection.


Our values reflect the culture that the Group’s teams around the world live and express each day. The strength of AXA’s company culture and its outstanding managerial continuity over more than 40 years can also be seen in the proximity of its values across the various periods. Courage, Integrity, One AXA and Customer First are the four core values adopted by the Group since 2016.

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