November 27, 2019

AXA’s new climate strategy sets the bar high

Today, AXA is launching its new Climate strategy, an action plan containing an array of commitments, including measures to ensure its investments’ alignment with the Paris Agreement, a strengthening of its coal policy, and the launch of Transition Bonds to facilitate decarbonisation.
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Focus on AXA's new climate strategy
Investing in a 1.5ºC world: aligning business with the Paris Agreement

AXA sets the target to align its investments with the Paris Agreement, thereby committing to achieve a 1.5°C warming potential by 2050. Read more.

Forming a bond: supporting the energy transition

AXA is pioneering the first-of-a-kind “transition bond”, a new financial instrument to unlock additional funds for the low-carbon energy transition. Read more.

Emergency exit: committing to coal phase-out

AXA’s new climate policy increases the stringency of its existing coal policy, tackling not only coal expansion and installed coal capacity, but also committing to a long-term total coal exit. Read more.

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