October 15, 2019

Joining forces with the European Space Agency to make healthcare accessible worldwide

Too many people in emerging countries are unable to obtain affordable access to healthcare due to a lack of social security, while huge gaps in coverage exist that are not being met by public services or private insurance. To help tackle this issue, AXA is joining forces with the European Space Agency (ESA) in a partnership that will enable ESA’s cutting-edge expertise in satellite technology, data management, artificial intelligence and digitization to be harnessed for the provision of seamless and sustainable healthcare.
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Number of physicians per 10,000 people
in Egypt, compared to 33 in France
People that would be covered
by improvement to healthcare services in Egypt and Nigeria
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Healthcare in Africa is a good example of one of these overlaps between ESA and AXA. The problems of infrastructure and access to health services can be greatly reduced by using satellite technology – and our satellites are always available, everywhere, as long as you can see the sky!

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