For the second year, AXA is publishing an Integrated Report that provides an enhanced understanding of how the Group creates value today and in the long term, not only for its shareholders but for all its stakeholders. In this new edition, AXA has sought to measure the real impact of its strategy on the daily lives of its customers and chose to hear their voices.

Discover the highlights of AXA's 2017 Integrated Report, In Real Life
In Real Life
We met our clients, partners and agents to understand the impacts of AXA’s transformations on their actual lives. Do our solutions really simplify our customers’ everyday lives? Do our innovations give them access to new uses? What does it mean for an insurer to be closer to its customers? We asked them.

Simplifying everyday life, In Real Life

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Furthering new practices, In Real Life

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Being close to our customers, In Real Life

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