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Macroeconomic role of insurance

By protecting companies and consumers from everyday risks, insurers provide the peace of mind required for entrepreneurship and innovation. Insurance solutions help companies manage risks, boost growth and seek new opportunities. By pooling risks and premiums to share the good fortune of the majority with the few facing difficulties, insurance protects individuals and reinforces a sense of community.

Insurers also play a role in risk prevention. By providing access to data and insights, they can warn customers against potential risks and suggest ways to avoid them. In addition, insurance solutions provide a priceless sense of protection and peace of mind. Insurers help boost sustainable growth in their role as long-term investors. When insurers divest from sectors with negative externalities, such as the tobacco or coal industries, they create long-term value for their customers, shareholders and society as a whole. In the way they choose to run their business, insurers can generate positive value for customers and empower people to live a better life.

Insurance is invisible yet everywhere

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