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April 25, 2018

Simplifying everyday life, In Real Life

Companies and consumers alike expect their insurance company to make everyday life easier – through core insurance services such as policies and compensation, as well as new services. To meet this expectation, we have developed solutions beginning at the start of subscription, and before and after claims. We also commit to giving our clients the means to avoid risks. But do these innovations really meet their needs? We asked them the question.

Valérie, Qare member, London.

“We can get an appointment straight away!”

For my family, the Qare remote medicine service has become a must! We’ve been working in England for a year. Thanks to Qare, we’ve been able to get medical consultations in French: it’s easier to explain your symptoms. Last Sunday, my four year old was running a fever and in a few minutes, I was able to get a hold of pediatrician through the platform. It’s reassuring to be supported by a team of specialists that are so accessible and available. What’s more, the doctors are so attentive and conscientious that you forget all about the screen even being there.

Jérémy, Minibizz user, Brussels

“It’s a real time saver and efficiency enhancer.”

My brokerage firm, Losange D’hondt, offers a wide range of insurance products to small- and medium-sized businesses. We’ve been using the AXA Minibizz solution for a year and a half, and this is a real time saver and efficiency enhancer for both our customers and us : quick access to our customer information, better pricing, to sign up for a policy with AXA. This makes it possible for us to respond to urgent requests, such as insurance for occupational accidents, which is mandatory in Belgium. The coverage is almost instantaneous.

Florence, AXA Singapore customer, Singapore

« It’s really easy to organize my trip. »

As a volunteer, I attend many events abroad. I recently discovered the Ready To Travel app with which I can get my travel insurance directly. I just can’t do without it now! Signing up is so easy – I just enter my itinerary, and I confirm my request a month before leaving. The alerts and the Q&A section are so helpful in organizing your trip. It was really useful in my most recent trips to Europe, particularly for handling my medical expenses, lost luggage and flight delays. My only suggestion: open it up for groups!

Patsiri, SIM Safe Save customer, Thailand

« My SIM card covered my medical expenses. »

I chose a Safe Save SIM card for my cell just because it included accident insurance. Luckily for me! One day, I was hit by a car. The driver categorically refused to contribute to my medical expenses. When I found out I’d have to be hospitalized for 10 days, I started panicking. There was no way I could afford taking any time off! I can’t tell you how thankful I was to have my SIM card insurance! In less than five days, AXA took care of my health expenses, compensated me for my ten days of lost income, and made it all so easy.

Otman, AXA Morocco customer, Casablanca

« I can keep track of our pupils’ bus trips in real time. »

Our bilingual international school has 1,000 pre-primary to high school aged students. Many use our school bus system: it reassures families and ensures everyone is on time for class. Thanks to AXA’s geolocation service, our vehicles feature a device that enables me to know the exact location of all the buses, through maps and a customized dashboard. Routes, speed, mileage, fuel consumption, pickup point times... it’s all at my fingertips. I can follow my feet in real time, inform the teachers of any delays and reassure parents that their children are safe.

Tobias, AXA Germany customer, Cologne

« I didn’t have to take care of anything! »

When I got home late from work last month, I found a water leak in my bathroom. What a pain! I got a hold of AXA immediately who handled everything. What sticks with it is that I really didn’t have to do anything! AXA handled my claim from start to finish and coordinated all that needed to be done – they even chose and got me a handyman from Homebell in record time. Everything was repaired in no time, so it hardly inconvenienced me.

Marc, Healthlook user, Ghent

« I benefit from a regular and personal follow-up. »

Six years ago, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, a chronic disease that requires daily treatment and regular monitoring, as well as a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to the Diabetes on the Run project, I measure my vital signs every day. Data are recorded in the interface and sent directly to the medical team that monitors me. The Healthlook app developed by AXA Partners allows me to see if my results are improving and to benefit from advice: it is very motivating! I can also talk regularly, by chat or video call, with Geoffrey, my diabetes advisor.

Zhao, AXA Global Parametrics customer, China

“What we need to ensure our stability.”

Our group works with individuals and businesses in the energy, construction and maintenance fields. Last year, we took AXA parametric insurance. It's the best way to compensate for production losses incurred by our photovoltaic energy panels. Parametric insurance covers a wide range of climate risks, like raindrops or solar radiation, which impact not only our company's performance, but energy production in general. In short, it was exactly what we needed to ensure our financial stability! Now, we can anticipate production losses on our four major sites.

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