Antoine Gosset-Grainville is appointed Chairman of AXA and Thomas Buberl is renewed as CEO


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April 28, 2022

published at 7:30 PM CEST

AXA's shareholders, meeting today at the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting, approved all the resolutions submitted to them by the Board of Directors.

Thomas Buberl was reappointed by the shareholders as a member of the Board of Directors for a four-year term. The Board of Directors, which met after the General Meeting, confirmed the renewal of Thomas Buberl as Chief Executive Officer and the appointment of Antoine Gosset-Grainville as Chairman of the Board of Directors, replacing Denis Duverne, for the duration of their term of office as directors.

Denis Duverne

Chairman of the Board of Directors of AXA (2016-2022)

It is with great emotion that I leave the chairmanship of AXA today. I had the privilege of succeeding Henri de Castries in this role and of accompanying Thomas Buberl in his successful transformation of the Group, with the support of the Board of Directors. I would like to express my gratitude to the women and men of AXA. Their commitment, their cohesion, and their ability to surpass themselves have always been a source of motivation and pride for me. I am very confident in AXA's future: the Group is solid and strong with a strategic vision and a purpose adapted to the challenges of our time; it will continue to be able to rely on very high-quality governance and benefit from the talents of Antoine Gosset-Grainville and Thomas Buberl.

Antoine Gosset-Grainville

Chairman of the Board of Directors of AXA

I am very honoured by the confidence the Board of Directors has placed in me by appointing me as Chairman of AXA. I would like to thank Denis Duverne and Thomas Buberl for their support and collaboration over the past year. Thanks to this well-prepared transition, the Board of Directors, in support of Thomas Buberl and his teams, remains perfectly equipped to face an uncertain environment and to prepare the Group for its long-term challenges.

Thomas Buberl

Chief Executive Officer of AXA

I would like to express my gratitude to Denis Duverne for his trust and advice over the years. The Group will long be marked by all that he has contributed throughout his exceptional career. Since 2016, his support has been decisive in driving the Group's transformation. I am very pleased that Antoine Gosset-Grainville will become Chairman of AXA and I look forward to drawing on his experience and vision. I would also like to thank the shareholders and the members of our Board of Directors for their renewed confidence. I am extremely enthusiastic about starting this new mandate and very optimistic about the future of the Group, which has once again demonstrated its strength during the sanitary crisis. All AXA teams are mobilized with me to successfully implement the Driving Progress 2023 strategic plan.

Among the other resolutions adopted, AXA’s shareholders approved:

  • The renewal of the terms of office as members of the Board of Directors of Rachel Duan, for a term of four years, and of André François-Poncet, for a term of two years,
  • The ratification of the cooptation of Clotilde Delbos as a member of the Board of Directors, for the remaining term of her predecessor, until the end of the Shareholders’ Meeting called in 2024 to approve the accounts of the last financial year,
  • The appointment of Gérald Harlin and Rachel Picard as members of the Board of Directors for a term of four years, and
  • The payment of a dividend of €1.54 per share for the financial year 2021, with payment on May 10, 2022 (ex-dividend date May 6, 2022).


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