January 20, 2020

10 things you might not know about mental health

Mental Health issues can affect anyone, regardless of age, race and economic or social class and, due to demographic and lifestyle factors, these are expected to rise. Here are 10 lesser known facts about mental health and well-being you may know nothing about.
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According to the WHO, the annual cost of dementia is expected to more than double to $2 trillion by 2030, up from $818 billion in 2015 a major challenge for national health care systems and society.

3/ “Eco-anxiety” is real and growing and young people are particularly affected. 

In 2019, 68% of the world’s population considered climate change to be a major threat. Many feel helpless and even despair at the vision of the environment’s irremediable destruction and of its consequences in their future and in that of the generations to follow. This has been termed “eco-anxiety”.

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