November 20, 2020

Protecting the rights and the health of children in pandemic times

On World Children's Day, we are proud to reiterate our support for UNICEF. While children are less likely to get Covid-19, it is nonetheless important to act now to ensure that they don’t become the hidden victims of the pandemic.
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UNICEF in the Philippines
During the Covid-19 crisis
Disinfection Kits delivery

With the help of AXA, UNICEF and its partners have delivered hygiene kits, food packages, personal protective equipment, and tents, and have drawn up guidelines for the prevention and control of infections.

Hygiene Kits Distribution in Marikina

UNICEF is also helping the Filipino government source and distribute basic hygiene supplies, conduct training into how to use them, and install emergency sanitation stations.

Sta. Ana Hospital tent

Lastly, UNICEF is working with partners to ensure regular access to education, social security, and protection for children, and to combat sexual violence against children.

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