May 6, 2019

Into the wild: from nature to investment strategies

Today, the city of Metz, France, is hosting the meeting of the “G7 Environment”, gathering the Environment Ministers of the G7 countries. Thomas Buberl attended the event to share AXA’s ambition to become a leader in the protection of biodiversity.
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The report “Into the Wild – Integrating nature into investment strategies” is designed to raise awareness on biodiversity loss and its economic and financial impacts. It presents several recommendations, including the launch of a broad-based coalition: the Task Force on Nature Impact Disclosures. This taskforce should create the conditions to transition towards protection, restoration and promotion of biodiversity. Financial institutions have an important leadership role to play in supporting awareness and decision taking around biodiversity loss. Achieving meaningful change, however, will require a broad-based coalition gathering the full spectrum of actors that are part of the issue and of the solution. With this Task Force, we call for an open dialogue among private and public sectors, including policymakers, with the objective to promote cross sectorial and cross border engagement.

For further info and details regarding the recommendations, read the full report here.

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