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October 16, 2019

What are the risks of the future?

In a world of rapid innovation and growing political uncertainty, it is becoming increasingly difficult to anticipate and navigate new challenges. That’s why, for the sixth consecutive year, AXA has conducted its annual survey of emerging risks. It is meant to ensure that all new, evolving and potentially disruptive risks are firmly on the AXA Group’s radar. The report provides invaluable guidance for policymakers, businesses, and individuals in helping them anticipate the changes, challenges, and opportunities that lie ahead.
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Technological risks are also among the greatest concerns of risk experts. These risks are rapidly evolving, increasingly complex, and becoming ever more associated with geopolitical and societal risks. Beyond cyber security risks, the future of data regulation, the challenges of artificial intelligence, and the prospects of quantum technology are all major factors to consider in the analysis of the technological risks of tomorrow.

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