Tobacco: inspiring change

Since its divestment from the tobacco industry, announced by Thomas Buberl earlier this year on May 22, AXA has reaffirmed its determination to fight this plague that kills six million people each year. ALL ARTICLES  |  Commitment
Nov 16, 2016

The figures on tobacco are terrifying: on average, every six seconds one person dies as a result of his or her tobacco use. Tobacco will eventually claim the lives of 50% of its users.

Smoking is therefore a major threat to public health, and governments, nonprofits, NGOs and the private sector must all work together to reduce its effects.

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AXA is the first global private-sector company to commit to divesting from the tobacco industry. The Australian group Medibank followed suit, announcing its intention to redirect $170 million away from tobacco assets and create tobacco-free investment fund. More recently, Norway’s fourth largest pensions fund, AP4, also decided to exclude tobacco.

In October and November, AXA supported two anti-tobacco campaigns: Stoptober in the UK and a “No Smoking Month” in France. Smokers worldwide were encouraged to join the initiative to take advantage of the group support offered and increase their chances of success. To stop smoking, go to AXA PPP for advice!

Cancer of the lungs. Lips. Tongue, throat, esophagus or bladder. The list of cancers caused by tobacco use is a long one. As a health insurance leader reaching 65 countries, AXA has a responsibility to fight tobacco use and design prevention solutions to help smokers quit.

The World Cancer Congress was held in Paris from October 31 to November 3, 2016. Damien Marmion, Global Head of the Health Business Line, spoke at the Congress about AXA’s role and ambition in overcoming these challenges. He emphasized the need to be partners for our customers and bring prevention services (such as health applications and connected objects) directly to them, as well as work closely with the public and private sectors to better counter the harmful effects of tobacco.

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