Your trust and loyalty provide a stable foundation for the Group's long-term development. In turn, AXA strives to deliver among the best operating performance in the industry to offer you a sustainable growth outlook for your investment.

Why invest in AXA?

By choosing to invest in AXA, you add to your portfolio:

- 107 million customers
- A leadership position in its current engines and high potential markets: AXA ranks top 5 in France, Switzerland, Belgium, UK & Ireland, Germany, Spain, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia and Mexico
- Diversified business mix: property and casualty insurance, life, savings, retirement, health insurance, asset management
- AXA recognized as the #1 insurance brand for the 9th consecutive year in the 2017 Interbrand rankings

- Three core segments for growth in the Ambition 2020 strategic plan: health insurance, commercial property & casualty insurance, and protection
- Clear financial goals

- 68 billion euros of shareholders’ equity at June 30, 2017
- Solvency II ratio of 201% at June 30, 2017, within the target range of 170% to 230%
- Strong financial ratings

- Dividend of 1.16 euros paid out in 2017 for 2016, up 5%, with a payout ratio representing 48% of adjusted earnings* and a dividend yield of 4.8%**

- Regular meetings and exchanges throughout France
- Publications available to all shareholders throughout the year
- Exclusive benefits for Shareholders' Circle members

*net of undated debt interest charges
**dividend paid out in May 2017 for 2016 / AXA share price at December 31, 2016

The risk factors relating to AXA’s business are presented in detail in the registration document (section 4).

To keep informed and benefit from a close relationship with the Group

Types of shareholding

Shares held in bearer form are managed by the bank or financial institution chosen by the shareholder.
Administrated shares
"Administered" registered shares are registered in AXA's book but managed by an intermediary (e.g. bank or broker) chosen by the shareholder.
Pure shares
"Pure" registered shares are registered in AXA's book and managed by BNP Paribas Securities Services, the financial institution mandated by AXA.
This management option is recommended for long-term shareholders. It offers a range of financial benefits, as well as a direct relationship with the issuer company. Your shares are registered and managed directly by the company.
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