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Pure registered shares with AXA

This management option is recommended for long-term shareholders. It offers a range of financial benefits, as well as a direct relationship with the issuer company. Your shares are registered and managed directly by the company.


  • No management or custody fees,
  • Double voting rights for shares held continuously for at least two fiscal years,
  • Dedicated hotline service for answering your questions,
  • Dedicated website for checking your account status and placing orders online,
  • Dividend payments via automatic bank transfer,
  • “Imprimé Fiscal Unique” tax form at the start of the year for French taxpayers,
  • Annual statement for your portfolio at December 31 and statements on request during the year,
  • Invitation to Shareholders' Meetings and option to vote online,
  • In the event of transactions involving AXA shares (e.g. share subscription or exercise of rights), AXA asks for and follows your instructions,
  • Automatic enrolment in the Shareholders' Circle: you get regular updates on the Group’s latest developments.


  • Registered accounts are specific to each company. If you hold shares in several companies on a registered basis, you will have a separate registered account each time.
  • Pure registered shares are not recommended for “PEA” share-based savings.
  • On account of the transaction fees applied, this form of ownership is more appropriate for long-term shareholders.


  • Discounted brokerage fees of 0.3%, with a minimum of € 6.10,
  • Banking fees of € 7.62,
  • Fees for transferring funds to accounts outside of France to be covered by shareholders,
  • Purchase orders: French financial transaction tax (Taxe sur les Transactions Financières) of 0.3% based on the amount of shares acquired.

*Fees excluding taxes on the gross amount of transactions.

Registered transfer form

If you already own AXA shares, you can transfer to the registered system by simply completing the transfer request form and submitting it to your financial intermediary.

Pure registered shares are registered in AXA’s books and managed by Uptevia, the financial institution mandated by AXA.

Azur discounted rate number: 0 810 888 433
Tel: +33 1 40 14 80 00
To access their website, go to then click on "access to my account". Then go to "investor access", "Planetshares" and you arrive on the Planetshares site (

The access codes and password remain unchanged.

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