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Responsible Corporation

In this section, you will find information regarding cyber and data privacy, human resources, human rights and vigilance plan, compliance and ethics, public affairs, tax transparency and suppliers.

Cyber Security and Data privacy

Check out our data privacy declaration and see how we’ve stepped up our data privacy efforts to address our ambition to create a long-lasting and trusting relationship with all our clients.

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Human rights & Vigilance plan

The AXA Group is committed to respecting internationally recognized human rights principles as defined by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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Compliance & ethics

Discover our approach to Business Ethics, actions lead at local procurement level and ESG risks.

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Public affairs

AXA's stakeholders include all the people and organizations that may influence or be influenced by its decisions and activities.

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Tax transparency

Both as a multinational company and as a provider of investments and savings products, the AXA Group follows a responsible and transparent approach on tax issues.

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Discover how we act in a sustainable way with our suppliers.

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Human Resources

Responsibility in our workplace.

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