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Public affairs

AXA's stakeholders include all the people and organizations that may influence or be influenced by its decisions and activities.

Public Affairs

The AXA Group has published its own Public Affairs Charter to describe the purpose and organization of the Group's Public Affairs department and to present the measures or procedures taken to ensure the transparency of exchanges with public authorities. This charter is regularly updated.

The AXA Group is willing to be transparent on the core topics of focus and positions defended by the Public Affairs teams, and to provide public decision-makers with reliable, verifiable and updated information.

With regards to transparency, the AXA Group Public Affairs Charter also includes a list of the professional organizations, federations and think tanks of which the AXA Group is a member at Group level, as well as a link to AXA's registration on public institutions' official lobbying registries.

The AXA Group is a member of several professional and trade associations at Group level and in most of the countries where it operates. The AXA Group contributes directly to the positions of the professional associations of which it is a member to contribute to the alignment of these positions with the Group's objectives.

In 2022, the total amount of membership fees of the AXA Group to main professional organizations, federations and think tanks was €535 865.  The 3 main items of this budget are the Association Française des Entreprises Privées - Afep (€ 77 000), the Geneva Association (CHF 76 000) and the International Institute of Finance (USD 75 000).

The corresponding amounts are reported in the below template. They cover AXA SA contributions:

Currency EURO FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Lobying, interst representation or similar - - - -
Local, regional or national political campaigns / organizations / candidates - - - -
Trade associatons or tax-exempt groups (e.g. think tanks) 526,413.00 515,762.00 524,210.00 535,865.00
Other (e.g. spending related to ballot measures or referendums) - - - -
Total contributions and other spending 526,413.00 515,762.00 524,210.00 535 865.00

The AXA Group is a member of the following main associations and trade bodies (non-exhaustive list)

At global level:

  • Geneva Association
  • IIF (International Institute of Finance)

At European level:

  • EFR (European Financial Services Roundtable) 
  • PEIF (Pan European Insurance Forum)
  • CFO forum (Chief Financial Officer Forum)
  • CRO forum (Chief Risk Officer Forum)
  • Eurofi

At national level:

  • Paris Europlace (France)
  • AFEP (Association Française des Entreprises Privées)

Here is the list of the main EU legislative proposals or policies that the AXA Group focuses on:

  • Prudential Regulation (Solvency II)
  • Capital Market Union
  • Sustainable Finance policies (Taxonomy, SFDR, CSRD, CS3D)
  • Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD)
  • Key information documents for packaged retail and insurance-based investment products (PRIIPs)
  • Digital Finance Strategy (incl. Artificial Intelligence Act, Open Finance and Open Insurance)
  • Health incl. EU Health Data Space
  • Data Protection (including Data Act)
  • Cybersecurity policies (DORA, Cyber Resilience Act)
  • Anti-money laundering (AML)

AXA does not generally contribute to political parties. The only exception is in Switzerland, where political donations are common practice.

In Switzerland, AXA finances all parties represented in the federal parliament with a minimum of 5 seats, upon written request from these parties. The amount is 690 CHF per seat. In 2022, the total amount did not exceed 170,000 Euros. In addition, in 2022, AXA supported elections at cantonal level (canton Zürich) and regional level (Winterthur) with a small contribution (c. 7 500 euros).

AXA Compliance and Ethics Code sets the standards on political contributions across the group.

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