We are connected by our values
They anchor the way we make decisions and the way we operate
Customer first
All our thinking starts with the customer
We are guided by strong moral principles
We speak our mind and act to make things happen
Being together and being different makes us better

Our employees share how our values come to life every day

Dream big

Parametric team

I had a dream. To help all kinds of communities in the developing world gain access to insurance. A new way of looking at climate change to better protect customers fromunpredictable weather. With conviction, determination and a shared passion to make a difference, the Parametric Insurance team was born. It's amazing what we can achieve when we act with Courage.

True believer

Corporate Responsablity team

When you truly believe in something, it influences everything you do. As a leading healthcare player, we have a duty to lead public health issues, such as the fight against tobacco, an industry which kills millions of people every year. That's why we divested from tobacco. But it doesn't end there, as now we are working with the UN to influence other investors to do the same. That's leading with Integrity.

Creating magic

Ines and Andrea
Transformation team and Customer experience team

At very step of a customer's journey, we are putting ourselves in their shoes. Coming up with our new customer service hallmarks was just the beginning. Now, working with teams all over the world to turn these into experiences that make our customer's lives better, that's what's really exciting. The real magic comes from helping our people to make a real difference. Tha'ts Customer First in action.

Power of One

HR team

As the proud parents of our beautiful baby girl, my partner and I were happy to spend the precious first weeks together being a family. across the world, not all new parents are granted an equal offer of parental leave. But AXA's global parent policy gives all of us the same rights and opportunities when expanding our family, wherever we work, whatever our family situation. One caring policy for everyone, that's One AXA.