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Resolutions submitted to AXA’s Shareholders’ Meeting of April 28, 2022


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February 25, 2022

published at 10:00 AM CET

AXA announces the publication in the Bulletin des annonces légales obligatoires (BALO) of the resolutions to be proposed by its Board of Directors to the next Shareholders’ Meeting of April 28, 2022, which will be held Salle Pleyel in Paris (75008) at 2.30 pm.

In addition to the payment of a dividend per share of Euro 1.54*, shareholders will notably be asked to approve the following resolutions:

  • the re-appointment of Mr. Thomas Buberl, Mrs. Rachel Duan and Mr. André François-Poncet as directors, as well as
  • the appointment of Mr. Gérald Harlin and Mrs. Rachel Picard as directors, replacing Mr. Denis Duverne and Mrs. Patricia Barbizet, whose mandates expire at the close of the next Shareholders’ Meeting.
    - Mrs. Rachel Picard was selected by the Board of Directors for her skills in digital transformation and her experience as executive officer. Mrs. Rachel Picard is currently Chair of the Board of Directors of Criteo. She was also Chief Executive Officer of Voyages SNCF until 2020.
    - Mr. Gérald Harlin will act as a representative for the Mutuelles AXA (AXA Assurances IARD Mutuelle and AXA Assurances Vie Mutuelle), AXA’s main shareholder. He will bring his extensive experience and deep knowledge of the insurance sector to the Board. Mr. Gérald Harlin is currently director of AXA Assurances IARD Mutuelle and AXA Assurances Vie Mutuelle. He was previously Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Directeur Général Adjoint) and Chief Financial Officer of the AXA Group.

Denis Duverne

Chairman of the Board of Directors of AXA (2016-2022)

On behalf of AXA’s Board of Directors, I would like to address our warmest thanks to Mrs. Patricia Barbizet for her contribution to the Board and the Compensation & Governance Committee’s work over the last four years and more specifically for her key role in the selection process of the next Chairman of the Board.

*This dividend would be paid out on May 10, 2022 and the ex-dividend date would be May 6, 2022.


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