In order to check the configuration and compatibility of your computer and test the features we offer during our webcasts, we have developed a test page.
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Supporting you during live events

If you experience issues with following the webcast, please check that your equipment is compatible with the technical requirements below and try to refresh your browser (F5 or CTRL + R).

If you still encounter an issue, please send us an email at: Our team is committed during the entire duration of live webcasts to answer and assist you promptly. Caution: apart from live webcasts, this mailbox is not read.

If the video is stuttering:

  • you may be experiencing bandwidth issues. A minimum of 500kbps is required to play the video correctly. Please try selecting a lower definition within the player (see No.10 below), or try to get closer to your wifi access point for example.
  • Other programs may be hoarding your system resources, please try to close all programs other than your browser.
  • If you still have stuttering, please contact your IT support.

Technical requirements

a. Mobile and tablet

To follow our webcasts on mobile or tablet, you must use any recent web browser supporting HTML5:

  • IE 11 Win 8.1+
  • IE 11 Win 7 (Flash plugin required)
  • Chrome for Android 35+
  • Safari iOS 9+

Please note iOS and Android phones will not display the slides, only tablets will.

b. Desktop

For maximum compatibility, please use any recent web browser supporting HTML5:

  • Chrome 35+
  • Firefox 42+
  • Safari 9+
  • Microsoft Edge

You will also need a sound card. For a better experience, we recommend using headphones or powered speakers.

Features and instructions for use

In addition to other features, our webcast format allows you to control the direct feed. This means that you can connect after the presentation has already started and still opt to see the beginning, or watch only the portions you are interested in even if the webcast has not yet ended and continues to run.

The screen shot below presents the webcast interface. The principal zones are described below.

1. Video

When the page opens, the video automatically begins in the zone.

2. Live subtitles for hearing impaired audiences

For accessibility reasons, the webcast is subtitled in real time. Captions will automatically display within the video player. Please excuse any inaccuracies inherent to live production.

3. Slides

The slides that go with the presentation are also projected in this zone and synchronized with the video.

4. Biographies

This zone gives you the name and title of the speaker.

5. Play/Pause

6. Scroll bar

Use this button to fast forward (replay only) or quickly return to an earlier part of the video. This feature is active even when you are viewing the webcast live, which allows you to move forwards and backwards at any time, to listen to a certain passage again or view the presentation from the start if you have missed the beginning. Use the Go live button to return to the live webcast.

7. Go live (live only)

When you have opted to rewind the presentation during a live webcast, this button brings you back to live.

8. Volume control

Use this button to adjust the sound up or down.

9. Enlarge the video

By clicking on the icon, you can open the video to a full-screen display. To return to the full interface, click on this icon again or press the Escape key on your keyboard.

10. Information on speed

If the video is stuttering, you may be experiencing bandwidth issues. A minimum of 500kbps is required to play the video correctly. Please try to select a lower definition within the player.

11. Slide and video

You can choose between three options: slide and video, slide only, video only.

12. Twitter (live only)

Using this tab, you can follow the live tweet from @AXA.

13. Ask your question (live only)

You can ask the speakers direct questions after you have identified yourself. Priority will be given to the questions in the room ; then questions received via the webcast will be read.

14. Documents

Using this tab, you can download the pdf version of the presentation.

15. Thumbnail access (replay only)

By clicking on this tab, you can view the slide miniature set for the entire presentation. The current slide has a colored frame around it.

The arrows on the right and the left allow you to scroll through the miniatures. Clicking on a particular miniature allows you to access the portion of the presentation that corresponds to it.

16. Chapter access (replay only)

Clicking on this tab allows you to view the outline of the presentation. The portion currently running is in color.

You can select the portion of the presentation you want to see by clicking on the appropriate chapter of the outline.