Next Stop: Health in Germany

As part of his AXA world tour, Noel Eyres went to Germany to find out about the health repercussions of civilisation diseases and what solutions AXA is implementing locally to help people with chronic diseases. ALL NEWS  |  Health insurance
Jul 13, 2017

Like many of its European neighbours, Germany is facing important demographic changes that are disrupting its health system. “Civilisation diseases” – brought about by an aging population and lifestyle-related problems – are responsible for a decline in health. As this impacts people’s wellbeing, it also has repercussions on the local health system’s ability to respond to this rise in cases of chronic illnesses. So what is our role as partners to our German policyholders?

In episode 6 of Next Stop, AXA’s in-house reporter meets local business and health players in search for solutions. He spoke to AXA Germany’s CEO Alexander Vollert, Health specialist Claudia Wedde, as well as diabetes specialist Pr. Stephan Martin and a health coach, Ursula Brix, to get a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities for AXA to help policyholders live better lives.