December 14, 2016

Long-term care, short-term challenges?

On October 26, 2016, Risk Management teams and the AXA Research Fund hosted a conference on “Long Term Care… Short Term Challenges”, bringing research workers and subject experts together to explore longevity and how to assist dependent older people.
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Each country uses its own set of criteria to evaluate a person’s loss of independence, which can be partial or total. Professor Tom Kirkwood from Newcastle University is proposing to standardize these assessment systems using a hybrid, scalable model that factors in short-, medium- and long-term risks and contextual variables such as inflation.

Understanding the issue of cognitive impairment is also crucial. How can we address a situation where cases of cognitive impairment may be on the rise? To answer this question, we need to research global trends related to cognitive impairment. Carol Jagger, head of the AXA Chair on longevity and a professor at Newcastle University, shows that the number of cognitive impairments worldwide is declining, due to the adoption of healthier lifestyles and higher levels of wealth, education and healthcare. However, these trends will not necessarily continue into the future, so there is a need to develop innovative predictive models to assess these risks.