June 30, 2020

Companies in the face of risk transformation

Through its new AXA XL division, the Group is bringing complete solutions to the wide variety of challenges faced by companies. In addition to products and services, companies increasingly expect their insurer to provide support well beyond risk management, as a partner in their growth and transformation.
Protecting what matters
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Which risks impact companies most?
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Operational risks
The digitalization of supply chains has enabled companies to improve their performance and security however, it has created new expectation regarding innovation and expertise. The scope of protection has extended beyond the company to include suppliers, partners and clients.

New technologies
As a proprietary resource enabling companies to improve their performance, their value chain and understand consumers, data has ushered in a new age for companies. But what if the data contains errors or is deliberately falsified? How can they manage the consequences of an algorithm error?

Reputation risks are as old as companies themselves. Two factors are making this intangible asset more valuable but also more exposed: first, the heightened vigilance of society and second, new possibilities for accessing and sharing information fast on social networks.

Political instability
Political instability can sometimes present opportunities to companies if regulation or public demand is favorable, but it can also change their environment quickly and negatively, transforming the conditions for exchanges, weakening supply chains, jeopardizing employee safety, etc.

Climate change
While climate change may endanger the company’s resources or location in the long term, it also has operational short-term consequences. Integrating the energy transition into processes lead companies to rethink their supply chain and manufacturing methods and can offer them new opportunities.