The videos hereafter (available in French only) provide information on the taxation of dividends, capital gains, PEA (Equity Savings Plan) and donations, as well as the taxation of non-French tax residents, in compliance with the 2018 French Finance Act (Loi de Finance).

The information included in these videos does not constitute personal tax advice.  This information is based on the tax regime operating in France as of January 1st , 2018.

For non-French tax residents: the form to get a refund of the withholding tax must be duly completed and sent to the paying establishment. In the case of AXA, the paying establishment is BNP Securities Services, which is mandated by AXA for the dividend payments.

Les nouveautés de la Loi de finances 2018

La fiscalité des dividendes

La fiscalité des plus-values

La fiscalité du Plan d'Epargne en Actions / PEA

La fiscalité des donations-successions

La fiscalité des non-résidents


Individual Shareholders Relations