Capital Ownership as of December 31, 2021

--- Number of shares Capital ownership Voting rights(a)
Mutuelles AXA(b) 361,466,657 14.93% 24.73%
Employees and agents 99,176,003 4.10% 5.98%
Treasury shares held directly by the Company 65,818,351 2.72% (2.29%)(c)
Treasury shares held by Company subsidiaries(d) 223,814 0.01% (0.01%)(c)
General public 1,894,883,871 78.25% 66.99%
Total 2,421,568,696(e) 100% 100%
(a) In this table, voting rights’ percentages are calculated on the basis that all outstanding ordinary shares are entitled to voting rights, notwithstanding the fact that certain of these shares may be deprived of voting rights by law or otherwise (for example, treasury shares are deprived of voting rights under French law). (b) AXA Assurances IARD Mutuelle (12.05% of capital ownership and 19.88% of voting rights) and AXA Assurances Vie Mutuelle (2.88% of capital ownership and 4.85% of voting rights). (c) These shares will be entitled to vote when they cease to be treasury shares (e.g. upon their sale or other transfer to an unaff iliated third party). (d) Treasury shares as indicated in Note 13 “Shareholders’ equity and minority interests” in Part 6 - “Consolidated Financial Statements” of this Annual Report. (e) Source: Euronext Notice of January 4, 2022.