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AXA Hearts in Action: our international volunteering program

AXA employees contribute to a positive impact on the society and the planet, volunteering during working hours or in their free time.

AXA Hearts in Action is the AXA Group’s international volunteering program. Initiated by the AXA Group’s founder Claude Bébéar in 1991, this program has been locally implemented in all entities and now reflects the size of the Group. AXA Hearts in Action is a fundamental element of the Group’s culture and a federating element across all geographies.

This program aims at contributing to a positive societal and environmental impact through employee volunteering, expertise and related financial support and in-kind donations. It is not just about giving time to great causes, it is about working together for a better future, sharing knowledge and expertise as One AXA and helping vulnerable communities around the world.

AXA Hearts in Action embodies not only the Group’s core values, such as integrity, courage, and team spirit, but also and above all the meaning we give to our insurance business: employees resolutely committed to serving others.

In line with the Group’s sustainability strategy, AXA’s volunteering activities focus on two pillars:

  • Climate change & biodiversity cover activities which aim to protect the environment, reduce risks of natural disasters, and preserve biodiversity.
  • Inclusive protection aims to protect vulnerable populations and focuses on health and disease prevention, social inclusion, and risk prevention.

AXA offers its employees a wide range of activities with different levels of engagement, such as individual volunteering, charitable team building, or employee fundraising. Over the last years, we have increasingly moved toward skills-based volunteering, leveraging professional and personal skills of our employees, to further increase our positive impact on society and the planet.

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