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Inclusive Protection

Philanthropic partnerships in the area of inclusive protection aim at protecting vulnerable populations including health and disease prevention and social inclusion.


AXA, building on its role as a health insurance provider, is committed to protecting public health so that everyone can live a better life. In response to the major risks observed in our society, we have made combatting obesity and type 2 diabetes a key priority of our commitment to social responsibility.

In order to join forces in the fight against overweight and obesity, AXA and UNICEF announced their partnership at the 2019 Women’s Forum in Paris, on the 30th anniversary of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child.  

This collaboration is based on two core commitments. First, paying extra attention to the youngest children and emphasizing the key role women play in children’s health.

Over three years, with the support of AXA, the actions taken by UNICEF will focus on:

  • Training courses in maternity wards, hospitals, schools, and nurseries so that healthcare professionals and social workers, managers and teachers, develop the right reflexes to fight against infant obesity.
  • Communications campaigns targeting children under the age of 5, their families, and their friends and focused on the importance of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
  • A campaign targeting local policymakers, focused on persuading them to create an environment that favors weight loss: review of legislation pertaining to nutrition.

Read Maria Evelyn Carpio's interview. She is a Nutrition Specialist at UNICEF Philippines.

Learn more about the project we support in the Philippines.

AXA also supports UNICEF’s global efforts to roll out COVID-19 vaccines to those most in need. Learn more about this initiative.

*UNICEF does not endorse any company, brand, product, or service. 


AXA and ALIMA partner to fight Covid-19 in Africa.

The AXA Group offered its support to ALIMA (The Alliance for International Medical Action), which is set to mobilize the resources needed to train humanitarian personnel in the Covid-19 response and tackle the direct and indirect consequences of the epidemic in the countries where it intervenes.

Back in February 2020, ALIMA began deploying responses dedicated to handling Covid-19, structured around two priorities:

  • Protecting teams and patients of ALIMA in its 12 countries of intervention
  • Implementing Covid-19 emergency projects in 6 priority countries

Learn more about the project.

AXA and Pierre Claver

As part of its inclusive protection activities, AXA has set up a partnership with the non-profit organization Pierre Claver to support its project focused on training and professional integration for refugees.

The Pierre Claver association aims to provide refugees with access to a school that is a place where they can meet up, exchange and study. The association offers three types of services for beneficiaries: free legal assistance, French language training (including literacy), with sections to help them understand their host country’s cultural, historical and legal frameworks and practices, as well as a professional integration and training support system. 

The program backed by AXA aims to improve the career prospects of each of the students funded thanks to comprehensive, individual, long-term support. By acquiring a high level of French culture and language skills, developing their knowledge of social and cultural practices, benefiting from help to identify their skills, and rebuilding their self-confidence within a new network, they will be able to look ahead to a professional future, with the means needed to make this a reality. 

The program is currently supporting 15 beneficiaries (out of 120 students), enabling people with lots of potential to become active and valuable members of society in their host country by working in the areas where they believe they will be able to excel.

As a part of this partnership, AXA launched an internship program for Pierre Claver students. In June 2022, AXA welcomed two Pierre Claver students to complete an internship at the Group Communication, Brand and Sustainability department at AXA headquarters in Paris.