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Corporate Responsibility

ESG Integration

Check out how we integrate environmental, social and governance factors across our business, to make sure we manage our activities effectively, ethically and sustainably.

Shareholders: responsibility in our governance model

AXA's responsibility towards our shareholders includes ensuring the long-term viability of the company through sound and transparent corporate governance and a culture of business ethics, supported by AXA's Standards and Code of Ethics. Acknowledging the impact our business has on society at large, we also strive to integrate social and environmental issues into our governance, risk management processes, and investment strategy.

Our approach to Business Ethics

AXA is committed to conducting its business according to the highest principles of honesty and fairness. This commitment to observing the utmost ethical standards is designed to ensure compliance with laws and regulations in the various jurisdictions where we operate, to earn the continued trust of our clients, shareholders, personnel and business partners.

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ESG risks

Risk represents the AXA Group's raw material. The insurance business involves taking on our customers' risks and "converting" them. There are different ways of doing this.

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Responsible investment

An "asset owner's" view.

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Responsibility in supplier selection and relations

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Supply chain monitoring

Assessing our suppliers' CR practices.

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Actions lead at local procurement level

AXA wishes to continually improve its CR policy and encourages its partners to act in the same way.

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Human rights & Vigilance plan

The AXA Group is committed to respecting internationally recognized human rights principles as defined by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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