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Corporate Responsibility

Collecting feedback and Measuring Employee Engagement

AXA measures employee engagement using Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS).

Pulse surveys are short and focused employee surveys measuring a few components at a time, helping quickly identify areas of improvement. AXA conducts regular global Pulse surveyon topics in line with our cultural and organizational strategy. The global surveys go to all AXA employees (100,000+) in 22 languages. AXA also conducts ‘ad hoc’ pulse surveys, among sub sections of the employees, on topics that are relevant at specific moments in time for the organization, such as relocation to a new building, town hall given by the CEO or management team, implementation of new agile working policy, etc. Pulse surveys have allowed AXA to implement a ‘fast feedback’ culture since they allow for employees to share feedback on a regular basis throughout the year and not wait for a once per year survey.

Employee Engagement (eNPS)

AXA, globally, now measures employee engagement using Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS). Low Engagement scores from challenge organizations to continue finding ways of engaging their employees. In 2017, AXA's global score was -5. The Group surpassed its target of reaching +37 by March 2022 with a score of 38. eNPS provides a demanding framework that enables AXA to continuously improve its workplace for everyone
Pulse surveys allow for AXA to listen to employee feedback and measure engagement frequently.