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Climate Change and Biodiversity

In line with its strategic engagements, AXA partners with NGOs to contribute to climate change prevention and adaptation and favor biodiversity.

AXA and WWF Mexico

In Mexico, AXA’s engagement allows WWF to continue reforestation efforts with native species to recover the landscape and also to continue driving sustainable productive practices and agro ecological innovations, which are key components to develop a sustainable living, where people see the tangible benefits related to the conservation of nature. 

The project funded by AXA establishes 4 general objectives (2020-2022): 

  1. Restore forest landscape planting 30,000 native plant species annually, particularly in the upper parts of the watershed. 
  2. Drive agroecological innovations and sustainable agricultural practices to reduce the impact of threats to the landscape. 
  3. Strengthen the three community driven organizations that produce native plant species for each watershed ecosystem, including women cooperatives.
  4. Improve sustainable practices regarding reforestation and water use, including agroecological innovations and organic production.

Read the story of Miguel Palmas, Junior Water Official at WWF about the Copalita Zimatan Huatulco watersheds.