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The AXA Research Fund Accelerating science to protect what matters

The AXA Research Fund is AXA Group’s scientific philanthropy initiative. Its mission is to support independent academic research in key areas related to risk and to inform science-based decision-making to address the most important issues facing our planet.

Informing decision making through research

Science plays a crucial role in responding to the most important issues facing our planet today. AXA’s scientific philanthropy initiative is committed to supporting top-tier and transformative academic research that contributes to societal progress and to help disseminate this knowledge.
The AXA Research Fund supports research projects in the areas of health, climate and the environment, and socioeconomics.

research projects supported
leading academic institutions

Thomas Buberl

Chief Executive Officer of AXA

Since its launch in 2008, the AXA Research Fund has been partnering with the brightest and most innovative scientists, dedicated to improving our understanding, anticipation and adaptation of major global risks, such as climate change, pandemics or cyber risk. The Fund is a recognized partner for the academic world, and a unique initiative of scientific philanthropy in the financial industry.

At the forefront of academic excellence

The AXA Research Fund provides three main types of grants for innovative projects carried out by top tier scientists, following a rigorous assessment and selection process overviewed by an independent Scientific Board.

Postdoctoral fellowships are allocated based on open calls for projects on emerging priority topics such as cyber risk, inclusive growth, mental health, or marine biodiversity. AXA Chairs are granted to seasoned scientists that present transformative research projects for the area of intervention and the host institution. Joint Research Initiatives are supported to build partnerships between AXA teams and academic experts with the objective of joining forces to answer a common research question. Awards are attributed to peer-nominated scientists as a recognition of their contribution and to their field.

Areas of Support

Engaging a community of scientists committed to human progress

Getting science out of the lab and sharing findings more broadly is also part of the AXA Research Fund’s purpose. The Fund provides dissemination support to its academic community through the organization of webinars, publications and media communication and training. The Fund fully endorses the principles of Open Science and provides Open Access publishing opportunities while a community platform enables connections and collaboration opportunities for this active network of researchers.

Discover our MasterScience

MasterScience is a masterclass program designed to help decision-makers and citizens decipher the major issues of our time and map out courses of action, through the power of science.

Living in the Age of Risk

Philosopher & AXA Chair at Ecole Normale Superieure de Paris, Prof. Peter Burgess explores the history and social side of risk, how it is becoming so prevalent in our societies and yet, how we can live with it and embrace uncertainty.

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More Data, Better Health

Epidemilogist & AXA Chair at University of Edinburgh, Prof. Helen Colhoun explains how digital healthcare records are opening new perspectives for diseases detection and treatment – while raising key questions around data security and people's privacy.

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Building Coastal Resilience with Nature

Prof. & AXA Chair at University of California in Santa Cruz Mike Beck explores the value of investing in natural habitats, especially reefs and wetlands, to help coastal communities adapt to climate change and build climate resilience.

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Closing the Gender Gap in Business

Anne Boring, Head of Women in Business Chair at Sciences Po supported by AXA, explains the main obstacles to female entrepreneurship and leadership and the possible solutions to close the remaining gender gaps.

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Our latest supports

Latest publications

We are convinced that scientific research enables us to better anticipate and address the challenges we are facing. Our publications gather cutting-edge research and expert perspectives to be up to the task.

AXA Research Fund at a Glance

In this publication, find a snapshot of AXA Research Fund achievements and insights from supported research in health, climate and environment, and socio-economic risks.

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Building Cyber Resilience

This AXA Research Fund publication brings together perspectives from academics, business, and organizations on the changing dynamics of the cyber landscape. Its aim is a better understanding of cyber-risks to help develop informed strategies, coupling prevention with resilience to damage.

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Building Societal Resilience

In this publication, experts from academia, global organizations, and business share perspectives on the main sources of inequality and paths toward building a more inclusive and resilient society.

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