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Smart working

A hybrid working style sustaining our culture of empowerment

In 2020, AXA rolled out a Global Smart Working policy to all employees based on 2- 3 days a week in the office, with local adaptations according to local market specifics. By dividing their time between remote working and office hours, employees are empowered to take advantage of each working style, while maintaining service to the customer and connection to their team. Though AXA and its employees have embraced the flexibility that comes with remote work, spending time together in person is an anchor of AXA’s culture. For AXA, the office remains a crucial place to collaborate, socialize, share ideas, and feel part of a wider organization.

To support teams in discussing and agreeing how to work most effectively as a hybrid team, Team Agreements are an important tool used across all of AXA. It is a written document that sets out how teams agree to work together – formed through regular, collaborative discussion. When asked about Smart Working in the 2023 June Global Pulse survey, 81% of all employees said they have a team agreement in place, and 86% said they felt connected to their teams. 

AXA Geographical footprint - 85% of teleworkers

Continents % of teleworkers in 2023* Evolution vs 2022
Europe 88.1% (+2.3 pts.)
Asia-Pacific 84.8% (+1.4 pts.)
Americas 78.8% (-0.4 pts.)
Africa 73.3% (+4.5 pts.)
AXA GROUP 85.3% (+1.8 pts.)

* open-ended contract only

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