AXA's beliefs and commitments

AXA is committed to promoting Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) by creating a work environment where all employees are treated with dignity and respect and where individual differences are valued. AXA is committed to equal opportunity in all aspects of employment. We oppose all forms of unfair or unlawful discrimination and will not tolerate discrimination based on age, race, nationality, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, marital status, or disability. AXA is dedicated to cultivate a diverse and inclusive environment where all employees feel fully engaged and included in our business and strategy to become the "Preferred Company".

Diversity and inclusion is tightly linked to AXA's values and culture, based on respect for employees, customers, and communities around us. A diverse workforce helps AXA effectively meet diverse market and customer needs globally and locally, as well as improve its competitiveness through innovation. It also helps attract the most talented people in all populations and foster internal morale and employee engagement, as well as enhanced people management.

Group-level D&I priorities and governance

AXA's four Diversity & Inclusion Priorities are:

  • Getting more women to the top
  • Pride in bringing our whole selves to work
  • We focus on ability rather disability
  • The generational Mix at AXA

As part of the Infrastructure development, the AXA entity D&I leads meet monthly to share good practices. The AXA Group Advisory Council is composed of senior executives from the local entities. Additionally, there are local D&I Councils in many AXA entities.