CR Week involves all AXA’s employees worldwide. Activities are organized at local level, usually in association with AXA Hearts In Action. Members of the company’s Management Committee also take part.

Each year, we choose a different theme – this year, CR Week focuses on Environment and Climate change, Health and Disease prevention, as well as Social Inequalities and Inclusion.

Meet our volunteers in 2019

Adeline, Landscape Gardener: “Protecting the environment is a cause that is particularly close to my heart

An AXA collaborator since 2003, I am now CSR project manager in the Corporate Responsibility Department at AXA France, and involved with AXA Hearts in Action’s social and environmental volunteer programs. Indeed, since my studies (in environmental law and spatial planning), the environment has always been a motivation for me. For almost 15 years, I have been involved in citizen action to clean up river banks and polluted areas in France. The very nature of our activities as an insurer, preventing risks to protect the greatest number, encourages us to promote a more sustainable and responsible development. I am convinced that we can take action along these lines, at all levels! It is this belief that persuaded me to participate in CR Week: there is nothing more motivating than practical action that delivers immediate results!

Abdoulaye, Architect: “Giving my time is a great joy for me

"I am a Software Engineer at AXA France DSI. Since joining the AXA teams in September 2012, each year I give a little of my time to CR Week. Even the smallest actions can help support a cause. In my daily life, my mantra is to help by any means! This year, I have the opportunity to participate in an international solidarity project: the restoration of a health post in Senegal. Giving my time is a great joy for me."

Christophe, Rescue worker: “Getting involved has become a habit

"I have been working at AXA for nearly 28 years. And this year is my third CR Week. At AXA, volunteering is strongly encouraged, and getting involved has become a habit. This year, I have chosen to give my time to the French Red Cross, whose values I share. The giving of one’s own time is beneficial to others of course, but also to the helper. A special feeling rewards us when we get involved: a sense of accomplishment. I have been a firefighter in Paris, and I am particularly moved by this sense of duty."

Kristina, Marine Biologist: "I firmly believe in the power of the individual to make a difference."

"I am a Credit Controller at AXA XL and I am passionate about subjects relating to climate change and its consequences for insurance. This passion led me to follow a degree in management of sustainable development at the University of Cambridge.

In the insurance sector, the climate issue is very topical. The French Federation of Insurance estimates the cumulative damage caused by natural hazards in the next 25 years to 92 billion euros. I am convinced that everyone's commitment to promoting sustainable development and combating climate change today has become essential.

For this year’s CR Week, I chose to focus on the oceans. They play a key role in regulating the Earth’s climate; and their protection is therefore essential for humanity. This is my first year as a volunteer, and I am proud to be part of a company that encourages its employees to get involved."

Hélène, Bodyguard: “I’m fully engaged in everyday life, so why not also through my work?

"I am responsible for corporate communications and HR at AXA France, I joined the Communication and Engagement teams last September. For me, CR Week is the perfect complement to my daily commitments. Indeed, for more than 10 years I have been involved in community life. Whenever possible, I am more than willing to devote some of my time to good causes.

There is one cause that is particularly close to my heart: street harassment. For several years I was subjected to inappropriate comments from a group of individuals that I regularly encountered in public. I learned a lot about the subject, and thanks to an association I now participate in education and awareness raising activities for the general public, for example on the best course of action to take if we witness aggression."

2019 CR Week

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