Several entities have been rewarded for their involvement in this field. AXA UK won the London Relational Large Apprenticeship Employer of the Year and was national finalist (over 100 apprentices have completed or are completing their apprenticeship). AXA Germany won the European Business Awards in the category Employer of the Year. It recognizes the firm's ability to inspire and motivate their staff by enabling career development, operating equal opportunity schemes and understanding the importance of a work-life balance. AXA Switzerland also received an award, from HR Today, a national journal specialized in HR topics which rewarded the entity's Human Resources management. AXA Spain developed a "Career Path" approach, formed by different development itineraries (Commercial, Actuarial, Underwriting, Bodily Injuries Claims, Human Resources, etc.)

In 2011, AXA Equitable sought to redefine its performance management philosophy. Through a more effective performance management, the organization gained a better understanding of its talent assets and gaps. Its managers assigned more appropriate rewards and its employees targeted clearer priorities while developing their skills. With an emphasis on evaluation of performance based on the "what" to achieve as well as on the "how" to achieve it, people got accountable to culturally critical behaviors including collaborating and communicating. AXA Equitable also simplified the leadership framework competencies to make it more intuitive and built behavioral examples to make it more assessable and relevant to all employees. In addition, new performance management ratings were introduced with a shift from a numeric scale to a descriptive scale. This promotes clear and meaningful performance discussions between managers and employees, and fosters consistency with AXA Group's performance management practice. Also in 2011, AXA Asia put in place an extensive framework aiming at strengthening its talent pipelines through a more structured, robust and consistent approach to talent identification, talent development and career management throughout the region.