Our Research Fields

Terrestrial biodiversity and agriculture, marine biodiversity and fishing resources, natural disasters, climate change and climate migration, pollution, resilient cities... For all funded projects, click here.


Demographics, longevity and ageing, well-being, women’s health, prevention and personalized health, management of chronic and non-communicable diseases. For all funded projects, click here.


Inclusive finance, behavioral economics, systemic risks, financial modeling, geopolitical risks, new technologies, ... For all funded projects, click here.

Our latest publications
We are convinced that scientific research enables us to better anticipate and address the challenges we are facing. Our publications gather cutting-edge research to be up to the task.

Biodiversity: 5 facts that change the way we do business

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“We’re going to live longer, so let’s equip ourselves with the means to age in good health”

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Artificial Intelligence: fostering trust through research

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