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Côté AXA No.8

Côté AXA No.8

Côté AXA No.8PDF 3.3 MbAug 29, 2011

2010 was a year of challenges—market challenges, with falling interest rates and regulatory uncertainties—that contributed to a very disappointing stock price performance. But it was also a solid year, with robust earnings and a robust balance sheet, which enabled us to offer you a 25% increase in the dividend per share.

Last but not least, 2010 was a year of responsibility. To gain a better understanding of risks, the AXA Research Fund financed 83 new projects; AXA Prévention conducted actions aimed at raising public awareness of the dangers associated with driving; and we organized the first ever Global Forum for Longevity, which brought together decision-makers and experts for a group discussion of the challenges that are inherent in rising life expectancy.

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