AXA Joins Insurance Development Forum’s Infrastructure Resilience Development Blueprint


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July 4, 2024

published at 7:45 PM CEST

AXA today announces its support for the Insurance Development Forum (IDF)’s Infrastructure Resilience Development Blueprint. This initiative aims to mobilise and facilitate insurance sector investments in infrastructure that will enhance the resilience of vulnerable communities in emerging and developing economies to risks from climate change and other natural disasters.

AXA, one of the largest insurers in the world, is committed to fight against climate change and is fully mobilized to act for a low carbon society and economy. We are convinced that we must work together to strengthen our capacity to deliver strong results.

This includes potential investments in a diversified range of greenfield and brownfield commercial infrastructure projects in sectors such as renewable energy, water, waste, transportation, social (e.g., hospitals, education and government-backed housing), digital infrastructure and telecommunication, as well nature-based solutions geared towards enhancing the resilience of vulnerable communities in emerging and developing economies to risks specifically from climate change and other natural disasters.

The IDF is working with BlackRock to put its Blueprint into action, leveraging the global asset manager’s significant infrastructure investment and blended finance expertise and familiarity with insurance industry investment requirements. The IDF’s ultimate aim is to provide a replicable, scalable solution for infrastructure resilience projects that can come to market quickly and thereby lead to near term measurable positive outcomes for the resilience of vulnerable communities.

Jean-Baptiste Tricot

Group Chief Investment Officer of AXA Group

Our involvement in the  Infrastructure Resilience Development Blueprint reflects our commitment to leveraging insurance sector capabilities to support resilient infrastructure development and protect vulnerable communities in addition to maintaining our usual investments’ objectives including risk selection and returns.

Michel Liès

Chair of the IDF Steering Committee

We are pleased to have AXA on board with this pivotal initiative. Their expertise and unwavering commitment have significantly enhanced our collective efforts in constructing resilient infrastructure and protecting communities from climate risks. The momentum behind the Infrastructure Resilience Development Blueprint is growing rapidly, and AXA’s support stands as a strong commitment of the IDF to mobilise impactful insurance sector investments to achieve tangible, near-term results for vulnerable populations.