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AXA completes the acquisition of Laya Healthcare Limited


Press Release

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October 31, 2023

published at 9:15 PM CET

AXA announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Laya Healthcare Limited (“Laya”).

Under the terms of the transaction, AXA has acquired Laya for a consideration of Euro 650 million, in line with the announcement made upon signing of the agreement.

About Laya

Laya is a leading insurer in the Irish health market with ca. 28% market share, serving close to 700,000 policyholders and generating ca. Euro 800 million premiums* per annum. It operates as a Managing General Agent** with a highly digitalized platform and a strong direct distribution network.

* As of FY22. Premiums currently underwritten by a third-party insurer.

** Subject to the receipt of regulatory approvals, AXA intends from the fourth quarter of 2024 to underwrite the business currently written by a third-party insurer.


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