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June 2022

AXA @VivaTech 2022

Starting time: 8:00 AM CEST

Ending time: June 18, 2022 6:00 PM CEST

Parc des Expositions de la Porte de Versailles Paris | France

AXA is back at VivaTech showcasing health innovations and its commitments to society and the environment.

VivaTech opens its doors in Paris on 15 June. Until 18 June, meet the most innovative companies to exchange and discover the technologies of tomorrow!

VivaTech Paris 2022 is an international event dedicated to innovation. For 4 days, it brings together the most advanced startups and large companies in the world's largest collaborative space: 45,000 m2 dedicated to innovation.

Take part in inspiring pitches and round tables on the AXA stand D22.

10-10.20 am The Role of tech in shaping the healthcare landscape, with Yann Bry from AXA Next

10-10.20 am CEO Stories on Stage 3, with Jef Van In, CEO of AXA Partners and AXA Next, Group Chief Innovation Officer

10.20-10.40 am The role of Tech in meeting new customer experience standards, with Séverine Lenoir & Thomas Courbe from AXA France

10.40-11 am Preventive medicine & smart health: challenges & opportunities, with Jean Michel Carle, CEO Eurobio Scientific, Mounia Hakam, Nexstage AM, Carole Boucher, AXA France

11-11.20 am Creating an integrated health ecosystem including digital services and medical providers, with Sandrine Coulange, AXA Group, and Cristiano Gianni, AXA Italy

11.30-11.50 am Digital health solutions for SMEs in the Philippines, with Nadia Boughaba, AXA Emerging Customers, & Kim-Frederik Schneider, ABI Global Health CEO 

11.50-12.10 am Fostering trust in insurance with Responsible AI, with Marcin Detyniecki, AXA Group Operations

12.10-12.30p m Designing personalized employee benefits solutions, with Somesh Chandra, Domestic Markets

1.30-1.50 pm Tech initiatives for sustainable IT: Digiscore, with Anne-Sophie Luce & Bruno Garnier, AXA France

1.50-2.10 pm Digital Commercial Platform: launch & intro, with Pierre du Rostu, AXA XL

2.10-2.30 pm Climate change & inclusive insurance: Protecting farmers in Mexico, with Laura Rosado, AXA Emerging Customers

2.30-2.50 pm AXA Corporate barometer: case study, with Nicolas Letellier & Jérôme Amouyal, AXA Group, & Delphine Martelli, Harris Interactive 

3-3.20 pm Building valuable, affordable and scalable services for SMEs, with Marcel Sturzenegger & Bettina Naef, AXA Switzerland; Maren Giesselmann, AXA Germany 

3.20-3.40 pm Digital Working Body, with Sarah Taylor, AXA Health UK, & Alex Nancekievill, HBS  

3.50-4.10 pm Tech & insurance solutions for mobility, with Alexis de Schonen & Alexandre Nakache, AXA France  

4.10-4.30 pm Virtuo: making car rental experience seamless, with Thibault Chassagne, Virtuo co-founder; Sébastien Loubry, AXA Venture Partners 

4.30-4.50 pm Connected car: opportunities & challenges for insurance, with Jacopo Dandrea, AXA Switzerland

4.50-5.10 Metaverse opportunities for insurance, with Sophie Marian & Cyrille Magnetto, AXA France

5.10-5.30 pm Metaverse & sustainable investments, with Pauline Llandric, AXA Investment Managers & Frank Desvignes, AXA Next

5.17 pm VT Digital Channel with Alexander Vollert, AXA Group COO & AXA Group Operations CEO

9.21 am VT Digital Channel with Georges Desvaux, Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer at AXA

10-10.20 am Helping fight climate change through biotech in the circular economy, with Carole Boucher, AXA France; Emmanuel Ladent, Carbios CEO; Caroline Moleux, AXA IM 

10.20-10.40 am The role of IoT in decarbonizing real estate: case study, Vincent Mezard, AXA IM Alts; Jean-Baptiste Raphanaud, LHIRR (Cortex) 

10.40-11 am Regenerative business & economy, with Véronique Letellier, AXA Climate

11-11.20 am Carbon management made easy, with Jérémy Garandet, AXA Partners, & Alexis Normand, Greenly CEO

11.30-11.50 am Business architecture & IT landscape to achieve business goals, with Achille Benmussa, AXA GO 

11.50-12.10 am Open Source for a traditional company, with Raimon Ràfols, AXA GO 

12.10-12.30 pm Using AI to bring the power of computable contracts to insurance, with Emeline Careme, AXA GO

1.30-1.50 pm How to use technology to improve disaster resilience, with Karina Whalley & Mia Vioulès, AXA Climate 

1.50-2.10 pm Cutting edge tech for climate risk modelling, with Arlen Kharmandarian, AXA Climate

2.10-2.30 pm AXA Climate School, with Antoine Poincaré, AXA Climate

2.40-3 pm Ocean Literacy & coding, with Stefania Elli, AXA Italy

3-3.20 pm Supporting businesses in agro-ecological transition, with Alice Legrix de la Salle, AXA Climate

3.08 pm VT Digital Channel, Delphine Icart, DHP Inc.

3.20-3.40 pm Sustainable consumption – promoting repair and reuse, with Jérémie Viscuso​, AXA Direct Assurance, & Mathieu Godart, AXA France 

3.50-4.10 pm What’s the role of integrated healthcare services? Digital Healthcare Platform: a one-stop health shop, with Delphine Icart, DHP Inc.; Karine Samama, Microsoft 

4.10-4.30 pm Angel, an accessible and immediate health services ecosystem, with Anne Fitzpatrick, AXA Partners

4.30-4.50 pm The role of data in healthcare prevention & VerbaTeam, with Jérôme Brosseaud, AXA France; Géraldine Mandefield, Verbateam & AXA France 

10-12.30 am Women In Tech Awards by Marie-Claire with a crossed introduction, Valérie Leselbaum, AXA France, Ulrike Decoene, AXA Group, and Marie-Claire

1.30-1.50 pm Incubating health start-ups powered by women, with Frank Desvignes, AXA Next; Sarah Tahlaiti, WILLA; & Marie-Esther Degbelo, Koalou 

1.50-2.10 pm The added value of AXA Venture Partners to its investors and companies: a health case study, with François Robinet, AXA Venture Partners

2.10-2.30 pm Digital coaching on mental health, with Sébastien Loubry, AXA Venture Partners (AVP); Colombe Mandula, Simundia Co-founder & COO   

2.30-2.50 pm ifeel, teletherapy services for organisations & individuals, with Amir Kaplan, ifeel CEO, & Jérôme Brisson, AXA Partners 

3-3.20 pm Digital Commercial Platform: deep dive, with Matthieu Caillat, AXA XL

3.20-3.40 pm Bringing climate to corporate purposes, with Antoine Denoix, AXA Climate

3.40-4 pm Environmental management for companies in one click, with Lionel Narvaez, AXA Spain, & Jorge Portillo, CEO GreeMko 

4.10-4.30 pm How can digital technology ramp up your sustainability game?, with Giovanni D’Aniello, AXA Group Operations

4.30-5 pm Challenges & opportunities facing cybersecurity: Campus Cyber & Cybervengers, with Arnaud Tanguy, AXA Group Operations